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About Me ( Us)


Hi, my name is Olga.

I created this Classifieds Ads because I understand that creative people need help. 

I have a few educations and many courses: it is Trading specialist, Pedagogy Psychology, Life Insurance consulting and Internet Marketing, so all my life, more than 30 years,  I work and communicate with a lot of people: children, parents, customers.


But All my activities are about sales and communication with other people. 


My Credo is to sell elegantly, bright quality and get thanks from customers. It does not matter what you sell: your old bike, house or wooden crafts. Maybe your capabilities and abilities to an employer... Any your offer should be presented with the best and profitable side, in the right place and shown to a large number of people.


I have different hanndmade Hobbies: it'is knitting, sewing, crochet, felting and just I adore people who devote themselves completely to handmade creativity! But I Like selling much more


When I moved to Ireland from Lithuania in 2014, I began to wonder what the crafts people make, where they sell their items, where customers can buy them and how much it costs.


I found that the biggest problem in Ireland is the expensive shipping, which is why many craftsmen can't sell their goods to different towns in Ireland, as the goods sometimes cost less than shipping.


In addition, those people who sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy do not even suspect that buyers are afraid there to choose goods due to the fact that it may be goods from China, which will be delivered 60 days or more. Buyers want to buy on the spot, call the seller. talk to him, meet him.


Creative people often do not understand how to sell their goods at an adequate price, so as not to regret it later. 


All this led me to decide to help a lot of creative people at once not to one particular person through consulting.

So I started this project where I work on my own with several freelancers assistants.

Please write me all your comments and suggestions, I will try to implement them or correct as soon as possible.


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With respect, Owner and Creative director Olga Grigiene


WebPromotion, County Kildare, Newbridge, Ireland